Monday, November 8, 2010

MEET OUR WINNERS: Joshua Krieble, Landscapes within Landscapes

If he could describe his art in a single word, he would say: "Grape." If he could have a superpower, he would want to be like a hydra so that he could have two heads and sing while simultaneously playing the melodica. Meet our guest blogger and Brooklyn native Joshua Krieble, a young filmmaker whose Landscapes within Landscapes won a 2010 National Gold Medal. In addition to film, Joshua also won a Gold Medal in video game design (The Walls) and a Silver Medal for Poetry (6.796 Billion Tiny Shapes).

I got the idea for Landscapes within Landscapes when my film teacher told me to film something in five minutes. I ended up finding a worm and following it around with the camera. The footage was pretty interesting so I started following other insects and filming rocks and plants from a bug's eye view. I do actually have a lot of really intelligent sounding things to say about the film, but I came up with most of them after the film was done.

A lot of different things inspire me. They might seem pointless or pretty; music, fun facts, things I don't understand, short stories or long walks. I don’t really base that much on feedback from other people. But if I don't have inspiration to do anything then I usually won't create.


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