Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To Mystify and Entertain: Scholastic Award-winning Animation from Jack Kavanagh

In lieu of a written piece this month, we present you with the film and animation portfolio of 2010 Art Portfolio Gold Medalist Jack Kavanagh. Portfolio Gold Medals are awarded to seniors for an outstanding body of artistic or literary work and include a $10,000 award. Jack’s Art Portfolio was the first animation portfolio in the history of The Awards to win this great honor. According to Jack: "My dream has always been to use art to challenge and entertain audiences. I love the idea of leaving an audience satisfied but somewhat puzzled."

You can view more teen-produced, Scholastic Award-winning film and animation on our Youtube Channel, the Scholastic Gold Key. Enjoy!

Image still: Ink. Jack Kavanagh, Grade 12. 2010 Portfolio Gold Award.


Terri Nagel said...

Very interesting work! Fresh!

Archerychic said...

Wow that is really cool!

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