Monday, November 15, 2010

ASK A WRITER: Is there a Secret Dating Handbook for Writers?

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JOSH ASKED: First of all, I’m a pretty great writer. But girls like guys who can play basketball and lift weights. Is there a secret dating handbook for writers?

NED SAID: Josh, the whims of women are complicated and alas, there is no "secret dating handbook" for writers. If you're a great writer and you still find it difficult to meet women, join a rock band. It's very easy to learn (especially bass guitar). Girls love the gusto and immediacy of musicians; with the music/writing double-whammy you shouldn't have any problems. If the rock band thing doesn't work, I'm going to have to recommend that you form a hip-hop crew.
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This is a girl talking. As for my guy type, I like nerds cuz they're smart.


girls like writers. girls are more concerned with dislikes than likes. they dislike 1. being ignored 2. dirt 3. poverty and 4. being ignored

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